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About Us

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Cheetavel invites locals from all over the world to introduce their beautiful countries by recording and showcasing tourist attractions. We believe locals sharing these places helps our viewers gain a greater understanding of the culture, history, and architecture of those attractions. This gives locals an equal opportunity to accurately present their communities through their own lens and deliver insightful details about what makes them unique and special. This, in turn, gives future travelers and visitors a more realistic image of these countries, helping them to select and schedule their next holiday more wisely. So far, we have got more than 67 videos from 43 countries and many more are on their way from our great partners. Join us!

Cheetavel is a travel metasearch site that finds and compares the best offers, especially on hotels and flights. We are free, which means that we never add any booking fees, and we never use cookies to inflate prices. We have connected with many travel booking companies, so you can search and compare travel accommodation prices to get we don’t sell..but here you can find all you can think of, in order to ease the process of organizing everything from packaging your bags to making every trip a remarkable experience and a lovely memory. This travel booking service is provided for free without any charge. A fresh and honest approach for your travel booking partner.

We don’t sell flight tickets, hotel rooms, or car hire deals – we show you the latest available prices and let you choose the offer you prefer. One-click and you’re taken directly to your chosen site where the booking is completed.

Bookmitrip is a new travel affiliate website and managed by an independent subsidiary of a private company. We’re all passionate about our work, and we all take great pride in opening the world together with our fellow travelers.

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