Video Guidelines & Submission

Local Tour Guide

Video Guidelines

  • The ultimate goal of each project is to create a 12- to 15-minute video that introduces a local tourist attraction (such as social, cultural, or natural attraction) in your country.
  • Each video should include ONLY ONE attraction. Please do NOT use a single video to introduce multiple attractions.
  • Please use a decent lavalier (i.e., external/wireless microphone) and speak English fluently during live commentary.
  • Dress code: your local outfit is the most preferred.
  • The natural (surrounding) sound/voice is the most desirable. In the case of background songs, please consider local royalty-free music.
  • You do NOT have to talk for the whole 12-15 minutes. Make sure to include useful and interesting information while recording. You should do some research to collect and present relevant and reliable details about the attraction, such as the attraction’s name, historical information, location, best season/time to visit, travel safety instructions, and any other information that you believe would be useful and interesting to visitors.
  • Please conduct your own research to gather quality information and learn as much as possible about the attraction you want to present.
  • If you are a professional videographer, team up with a knowledgeable local tour guide who knows everything there is to know about local attractions. If you are a local tour guide, you should consider collaborating with a talented videographer.
  • You may record a series of short videos to show various perspectives and sides (interior, exterior, day, and night view). Then, organize, merge, and edit them into a 12- to 15-minute video. Please organize them to create an engaging storyline.
  • Be sure to feature both the interior and exterior of the attraction, as well as a day and night view.
  • Please pick a sunny day for your recording so that you can catch and benefit from natural light.
  • Be naturally creative and imaginative to deliver a genuinely high-quality, innovative, and entertaining video with an interesting storyline.
  • There is no need for commercial services like slow-motion or time-lapse. The job should be straightforward and competent.
  • Please warmly invite people to visit your village/city/town/country and see the attraction at the end of the video.
  • The video you send must be completed entirely by you and your team. The video should not be someone else’s work or made by anyone else.
  • We only look for videos that are high quality and professionally documented, with a resolution of 4K or higher, and saved as.mp4 files.
  • You do not own the video when you send it to us, and the copyright is automatically transferred to Cheetavel. As a result, do NOT publish, share, or post the video anywhere even as a preview or sample work to show to others.
  • Video details:
    1. Be authentic with good quality
    2. Pay attention to framing and light
    3. Use a tripod to keep the camera steady
    4. Use an external microphone
  • Please plan to upload the final video and video script (word doc.) on Google Drive and share the download link.
  • Finally, remember that you are representing your country, so do your best!
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